Natural Disaster Resources

15 November 2018

Our entire JLT Re team is prepared and available to support you in the event of a natural disaster.  We have provided resources below to support you and your business. Please reach out to anyone at JLT Re if you need assistance or support.  For all the information you need to monitor this active Hurricane season, follow the JLT Re CAT Activity Zone for weather updates.

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Click here for Josh Darr on Hurricane Florence.


For clients in North America, in the event you experience a loss caused by a natural disaster, please send your reinsurance claims to our claims mailbox at If you have any questions concerning your claims please contact Tim Dillon at +1 215 309 4570 or Jonathon D’Arcy at +1 215 309 4522.


To discuss catastrophe exposure and risk management services, please contact our Catastrophe Risk Management Services Officer, Chris Zumbrum, or our Lead Meteorologist, Josh Darr.

Chris Zumbrum ARe CCRA
Catastrophe Risk Management Services Officer
Catastrophe Exposure & Risk Management Services  
Office: +1 215 309 4581 | Mobile: +1 215 313 0213 | 

Josh Darr MS CCRA  
Senior Vice President and Lead Meteorologist 
Catastrophe Exposure & Risk Management Services 
Office: +1 312 637 6108 | Mobile: +1 312 241 8792  |



SafetyNational Weather Service Safety Tips
PlanReady –  Plan Ahead for Disasters
EmergencyFEMA  – Federal Emergency Management Agency
InformationInsurance Information Institute
Home SafetyInsurance Institute for Business Home Safety


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Elizabeth Miller
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, JLT Re (North America) Inc.
Office: +1 215 309 4590 | Mobile: +1 215 380 2079 |

Isabella Gaster
Head of Marketing and Communications, JLT Re
Office: +44 (0)207 5583387 |



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