ENSO: Reviewing the Impact of the Current El Niño

08 March 2016

Last week, the JLT Re Catastrophe Analytics & Services team published an extensive review of 2015 natural catastrophes, highlighting the strong role El Niño played in global extreme weather.

Following on this report, the team has released a discussion guide reviewing the impact of the current El Niño event on severe weather prospects for the Spring of 2016, available here.

Key regional impacts include:

  • A continuation of above normal prospects of tornado activity for the Gulf Coast and Florida through spring.
  • Increased severe weather prospects in mid to late spring across the Northern portions of the Plains, Great Lakes extending into New England.
  • Suppressed tornado and hail activity from central Texas through the Dixie Alley corridor

If you have any specific questions about the document and/or its contents, please contact Kimberly RobertsJosh Darr or Brian Bastian of the Catastrophe Analytics & Services team.

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