Weather Products

Aside from catastrophe related risks, we have a dedicated weather products team which focuses on bilateral products covering a variety of weather risks. These transactions tend to be between $10M and $50M in size and mitigate Business and Contingent Business Interruption. However, there remains appetite for larger products, ranging from $100M to $500M.

Currently, JLTCM works internally with management to develop weather placements to enhance our ability to execute and to ensure that weather deals are being funneled through to select counterparties. JLTCM presented at Technology Insurance Risk Forum (TIRF) on ILS and hedging Weather Risk relating to complex supply chains. We have worked extensively with governments and municipalities, corporates, energy and energy production companies (oil and gas, mining, etc), insurance companies, and the like.


River Flow

 Cover  Canadian Flood
 Term  [TBD]
 Size  [TBD]
 Trigger  Parametric - Flow Speed
 Trigger Level
Probability  Return Period  Flow Rate (m3/s)   Alberta Industry Flood losses ($bn)  Indicative Pricing*
 1.00%  100.0  1,970  2.0  3.5%
 1.33%  75.0  1,740  1.7  4.2%
 2.00%  50.0  1,630  1.0  5.4%
 2.56%  39.1  1,528  0.8  6.2%
 3.57%  28.0  1,302  0.5  8.0%

 Historical FLow Speed (2013 Alberta Flooding)  1,740 m3/s
Location  map location snapshot of Alberta Flood 2013 river flow speed
Premium   [TBD]

ExCess Rainfall / Excess Moisture

 Cover  Canadian Excess Moisture
 Term  January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
 Size  [$50,000,000]
 Trigger  Subsurface moisture levels
 Trigger Level  Subsurface moisture level difference exceeds 50[units] as reported by the following WMO stations: Cranberry, Shilo, and Brandon
Graph showing surface soil moisture
 Location  Brandon, Manitoba
Graph showing surface soil moistureGraph showing surface soil moisture
Graph showing surface soil moistureGraph showing surface soil moisture
 Premium  [TBD]

1USDA Foreign Agriculture Service (


Flow Speed Collar

 Cover   Cumulative river flow collar (option)
 Term  August 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018
 Put Strike (ft2/s)  500,000
 Call Strike (ft2/s)
 Notional (ft2/s)
 Limit  $5,000,000
 Net Premium  [TBD]
Cumulative Daily Mean river flow graph


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