JLT Fac Market Update

Issue 2, 2017

The first half of 2017 has proved to be as eventful in the Insurance and Reinsurance arenas as it has on the World’s political stage! We have filled another complete section of our infamous Market Movements which clearly demonstrates that the market remains in a state of flux.

Whilst there have been signs within some companies and syndicates of a reducing appetite for certain classes of business and some redundancies this year (through either capacity withdrawal or consolidation following Mergers & Acquisitions ) we are still seeing a steady influx of new capacity with ambitious business plans to achieve.

Overall the current state of the market is beneficial for our client base as there remains a good selection of strongly rated security leading to a broad array of available solutions for the continuing challenges that our clients face in their respective lines of business.

Fac Facilities and Portfolio solutions are being considered more by our clients, as they offer highly efficient utilisation of Facultative capacity providing solutions that assist them with developing strategic growth initiatives. JLT Group continues to invest in, and develop, our outstanding analytics offering which is used extensively in the provision of first class modelling and innovative analysis for these portfolio products.

JLT Fac continues to expand its Fac offering via new products and highly effective and respected Fac executives and we would like to thank all our clients for their continued support.

Vanessa Macdonald-Smith, CEO JLT FAC

Download Issue 2 of the 2017 JLT FAC Update here