Strategic Advisory

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Our team of experts in ratings, finance, (re)insurance, regulations, and data analysis brings knowledge and insight to help you create value and grow your business profitably. Core offerings are designed to address the most important issues facing insurance companies, while allowing the flexibility to advise on issues unique to your firm.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to operate between and across silos—where real insights are found—and our independence affords us the credibility and freedom to deliver advice free of bias or compromise.

Allow us to demonstrate our capabilities today.

  • Our clients know their way through ever-evolving regulations and rating agency criteria, allowing them to focus on more important issues
  • Our clients make efficient use of all forms of capital, including different reinsurance structures, and build more robust businesses
  • Our clients capitalize on insights into markets, products and distribution channels
  • Our clients enjoy alliances that produce sustainable results
  • Our clients have the tools and resources that bridge the gaps between the status quo and strategic aspirations


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Mark Shumway, Global Head of Strategic Advisory | T: +1 215 309 4535 | E: