ANSER: Analytic Software for the Evaluation of Risk

ANSER, Analytics Software for the Evaluation of Risk, is a bespoke, user-friendly full service suite of tools. It is a flexible, adaptable, unique platform, which can meet your needs now and in the future. The platform is underpinned by Ultimate Risk Solutions (URS) technology, the market-leading independent ECM software firm.

ANSER can be used for pricing, portfolio modelling, reserve analysis, and predictive modelling. It includes rating agency services, regulatory capital management, franchise value, and strategic expansion modules.

You choose the building blocks that are pertinent to your business needs to create powerful insights and competitive advantages.

Key Components


Capabilities allow for the interpretation of the capital dimensions of various insurance structures, benchmarks these structures against Solvency II requirements, ratings agency models and companies risk appetites. It also allows our Actuarial team to validate the clients internal models and articulate risk appetite with regard to the clients internal model methodologies, in addition to providing regulatory and rating agency advice.


Collective experience and rating agency and finance professionals help clients facilitate a variety of objectives such as Rating and Solvency enhancement and protection and Bespoke risk-based capital adequacy modelling.


Analysis of balance sheets, income statements and key ratios to identify areas of profitability, growth opportunities, benchmarking against competitor and counterparty credit exposures.


A selection of services through which JLT Re supplies model-based advice on diverse portfolio management issues including pricing, underwriting, exposure optimisation and growth scenario modelling.


Provides a full spectrum of corporate advisory services including Strategic planning, Market research, Financial planning and valuation, Business cases and customised training to help our clients to develop and foresee more clearly their business objectives.


Allows JLT Re to model multi-class and complex structures to assess the value of risk transfer with respect to risk tolerance and appetite, rating agency view and Solvency II/ORSA.


Helps clients evaluate the relative costs, benefits and suitability of debt, equity and reinsurance solutions to build and reinforce an efficient capital
base, and allocate capital more effectively to build firm value.


Before catastrophe or capital modelling, we can conduct a full data review including a data quality assessment and also an approximate view of how this would affect any modelled outputs. Our market leading dashboards are supplied to our clients to assist with aggregation management.


Combining the best catastrophe models in the business along with our own expertise such as Equake, our experienced and certified team focuses on providing our clients with more than just a list of data for internal capital models and rating assessment, but also expansive knowledge for peril and model validation.


Our graphical interface has five components: Risk Manager, Underwriter, Claims, Peril Impact and Workers compensation. These varied and all-encompassing services teamed with our expert knowledge supports our clients along a dynamic risk decision making process.

   Adding Value

Our Economic Capital Modelling suite contains tools to assist you with enhancing your franchise in addition to the exemplary advisory services that JLT Re analytics provide to our clients.

Rating and regulatory services include:

  • Ratings and solvency enhancement protection and regulatory governance support
  • Stress testing
  • Evaluation of reinsurance impact
  • Bespoke risk-based capital adequacy modelling
  • Updates and insights into methodologies.

Strategic Analysis helps you to:

  • Manage your strategic planning
  • Assist with market research and peer comparisons
  • Provide financial planning and valuation
  • Business case planning.

Our Pricing and Portfolio management tools will assist you in:

  • Identifying drivers of business cost
  • Review growth segments
  • Developing intelligence of the marketplace
  • Predictive modelling to maximise competative pricing efficiency.

Franchise value can help to:

  • Evaluate relative costs, benefits and suitability of debt, equity and reinsurance
  • Understand the use of reinsurance to protect franchise value
  • Strategies for enhancing franchise value
  • Implementation of risk management to reduce cost of capital
  • Provision of alternative structures and stress testing
  • Understand the value of reinsurance compared to other corporate and strategic initiatives.

Our Capital modelling and Dynamic Risk modelling modules can assist with:

  • Business planning and optimisation
  • Risk appetite and monitoring
  • Model validation
  • Reinsurance programme design
  • Stochastic economic model generation
  • Business practice dependency
  • Underwriting cycle experience modelling.

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