Broker Replacement Services

Though many view broker replacement as a difficult undertaking, the right skills and expertise can streamline and simplify the process.

Broker Replacement Services

What We Do

JLT Re provides the insight clients need to maximise their reinsurance assets and improve their cash flow. We accomplish this by:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Reporting information and relationships with reinsurers
  • Speeding up claim settlement

Why work with us?

JLT Re is a live broker, not a run-off provider.

The combination of our London based professional team of in-house claims operations and leading-edge technology has enabled us to develop unrivalled relationships with London reinsurers.

Comprehensive Services

  • Insurance consulting
  • Specialist schemes of arrangement
  • Commutations
  • Fee collection

Fee Collection Service

Our introduction of the traditionally challenging fee collection was created to assist attorneys and other third party experts in collecting their fees from the London market.



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