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cyber reinsurance

What We Do

Our Treaty Cyber team offers a dedicated focus on the complexities of this area. Our extensive experience in the London Market and with Lloyd’s Syndicates enables us to ask smarter questions, innovate and deliver better results.

Our in-depth understanding means we don’t lose sight of the developing issues around cyber whilst always driving the market to deliver the best products. We pride ourselves on finding new markets, developing new products and providing a service that always puts our client’s interests first.


  • Excess of Loss
  • Risk Excess
  • Risk & Event Cover
  • Event Only
  • Quota Share
  • Stop Loss
  • Aggregate Cover

Contact Info

UK and Europe

Chris Bennett, Partner | T: +44 (0)20 7466 1489 | E:

Asia Pacific

Jonathan Miles, MD, Casualty and Financial Lines(Asia Pacific) | T: +65 6411 9642 | M: +65 9825 6388 | E:

North America

Erica Davis, Senior Vice President | T: +1 212 510 1867 | E:


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