Our Treaty Cyber team offers a dedicated focus on the complexities of this area. Our extensive experience in the London Market and with Lloyd’s Syndicates enables us to ask smarter questions, innovate and deliver better results.

Our in-depth understanding means we don’t lose sight of the developing issues around cyber whilst always driving the global market to deliver the best products. We pride ourselves on finding new markets, developing new products and providing a service that always puts our client’s interests first.


Quantifying cyber risk across a portfolio feels uncertain.   Having various views and perspectives helps our clients to make more informed cyber decisions.

JLT Re utilizes a multi-tool approach to modelling both affirmative and nonaffirmative cyber exposures, providing clients with the vital information they need to manage their cyber strategy.  JLT Re’s existing cyber and enterprise modelling tools deliver unique insights to help clients measure cyber risk and exposure.  In addition to our proprietary capabilities, these include two renowned cyber risk modelling and analytics platform vendors:


CyberCube provides robust and innovative analytics, including fully probabilistic capabilities and a wide range of possible loss scenarios. With access to unique data sources including Symantec’s security telemetry, CyberCube is able to support JLT Re in delivering sophisticated modelling capabilities for our clients. 


Corax is an international cyber risk analytics platform for the insurance sector.  Their inventive risk management and aggregation tool leverages a unique vector-based vulnerability model.  Corax’s creative and versatile data and modelling engine bring vital cyber modelling insights to JLT Re clients.


Our team of experts in ratings, finance, (re)insurance, regulations, and data analysis brings knowledge and insight to help you create value and grow your business profitably. Core offerings are designed to address the most important issues facing insurance companies, while allowing the flexibility to advise on issues unique to your firm.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to operate between and across silos—where real insights are found—and our independence affords us the credibility and freedom to deliver advice free of bias or compromise.

Franchise value is framed in terms of the insurer’s book value or tangible book value. The markets provide us with important valuation metrics for publicly-traded companies, or companies that have debt that is traded in the secondary market. For non-public entities, including mutually-owned insurers, we apply finance theory to historical and projected results to establish a fundamental baseline value.

Using market data for a group of peer companies, we build a model that captures the relationships between various factors and current or fundamental franchise value. While acknowledging that these factors make up only a part of the valuation story - and that the relationships between these factors change over time—this model provides a framework through which we can evaluate the relative value of different strategies, including changes to the reinsurance program.

JLT Re helps you evaluate the relative costs, benefits and suitability of debt, equity and reinsurance solutions to build and reinforce an efficient capital base, and allocate that capital more effectively to build firm value. We identify drivers of cost of capital and arrange targeted solutions to manage risk and support valuations.

Our Franchise Value framework provides the objective infor­mation you need to assess the value of reinsurance structures relative to other forms of capital—and other strategic initia­tives—with the goal of supporting the value of both quoted and private insurers.

  • Use of reinsurance and other strategies to protect and enhance franchise value
  • Implementation of risk management to reduce cost of capital
  • Alternative structures and stress testing
  • Relative value of reinsurance compared with other capital and strategic initiatives, in terms of franchise value growth and protection

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