JLT Fac: Terrorism

JLT Fac Terrorism is perfectly positioned to assist cedents, enabling us to offer tailor made coverages to satisfy specific client needs.


JLT Re has a bespoke terrorism model which stands out in the market with unique capability to model comprehensive terrorism risk. Designed by crisis management experts with military and counter-terrorism experience along with catastrophe modelling professionals. Comprehensive range of attack and target types to allow for increased granularity of modelling output. Highly customisable to reflect client’s own view of risk. Originally created to model property exposures with more granularity than industry models. Now expanded to respond to workers compensation terrorism risk.

What does it do?

  • Terrorism capture database, allowing Global offices to collect and view information in real time
  • Blast zone analysis – Uses an exposure calculation methodology proprietary to JLT Re Analytics with a methodology that creates overlapping blast zones, implemented at specific zones, but generally at 250m
  • Target analysis – There are more than 1 million global structures within our target database which uses a methodology for calculating exposure at transport hubs, shopping centres and other crowded places. Analyses are run for Property, Life and Workers Comp
  • Qlikview dashboards for management information and global aggregation
    management. Terrorism analysis is also linked to proprietary JLT information for additional projects, such as airport ground accumulation 

Terrorism Risk - Facultative


  • Sabotage and Terrorism (Wording: LMA 3030)
  • Sabotage, Terrorism, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage (Wording: LMA 3092 / LPO 437)
  • Full Political Violence (Hiscox Full PV or Beazley Full PV Wording) – Covers all as per LMA 3092 plus:
    • Invasion
    • Acts of foreign enemies
    • War
    • Civil War
    • Rebellion
    • Revolution
    • Coup d’etat
    • Insurrection
    • Mutiny
  • Terrorism Liability (Wording: T3L)
  • Business Interruption, Loss of Gross Profits, Loss of Rent
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (NCBR)
  • Loss of Attraction
  • Active Assailant




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